Post of 20 Feb 2015
Post of 06 Nov 2014
New press kit ''HybWeldCut''

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Post of 07 Oct 2014
Les démonstrations commencent!

La technologie HYBWELDCUT sera présentée lors d'une première session de démonstrations organisée du 14 au 24 octobre et du 12 au 27 novembre chez Malex S.A.

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Post of 02 Mar 2015
Welding the way you want

For joining coils, a machine made by Belgian company Malex switches flexibly between resistance welding and laser welding depending on the type of steel, and also uses the laser source for cutting.

Post of 21 Jun 2014
Un outil unique au monde et 100% made in Charleroi

Aujourd'hui, grâce à l'aide de la région wallonne, Malex dispose d'un démonstrateur technologique de soudeuse-découpeuse.

Post of 20 Jun 2014
Malex développe une machine à souder révolutionnaire...

Une technologie plus rapide, plus fiable, polyvalente, réductrice de stress pour les opérateurs.

Post of 23 Jun 2014
La soudeuse révolutionnaire de Malex

Malex innove à plusieurs égards. D'abord, elle recourt au laser à solide, plus compact, plus flexible, plus fiable et moin énergivore....

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COIL-JOINING – Our offer

A policy geared to your performances

Your mastery, our solutions

Taking into account your company’s developments and your performance, continuity and quality objectives and providing you with the most appropriate coil-to-coil joining solution is our sole priority.

For this purpose, we research and develop the coil-joining solutions most appropriate to the needs of your production lines.

Working closely with you, we intervene from the start of your projects and throughout the life cycle of your equipment in order to optimise its effectiveness and efficiency in accordance with your objectives.

Consultancy and technical support, manufacturing, maintenance, assistance, supply of spare parts, optimisation and modernisation: we offer you a complete range of services and solutions guaranteeing the success of your project.


Your guarantee, our expertise

Our mastery of the field of welding machinery is based on 40 years of experience in the manufacturing, maintenance and modernisation of LOL, Narrow-Lap, Prep-Lap and Flash-Butt type welding machines, knowledge of conventional and modern coil-joining processes and in-the-field expertise developed while working not only for the biggest steel groups but also with some of the most highly efficient independent companies.

Although resistance and flashbutt welding processes remain the most reliable processes in most steel processing operations, they present certain limitations in processes using special steels with a strength of more than 800 mpa such as Dual Phase and Trip. That is why we develop new laser and hybrid resistance-laser solutions capable of meeting the new challenges of your industry.


Your trust, our philosophy

The search for the best quality/performance/continuity/cost ratio for your installations constitutes the cornerstone of our offer.

We have chosen to retain a light structure which favours personalised assistance for your projects by specialists and the meeting of your objectives. We thus guarantee you high-quality equipment, services and implementation. Your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

8 good reasons to opt for our solutions:

We offer you:

  1. Design and development of your customised solutions , in accordance with your objectives;
  2. Personalised assistance for your projects by coil welding specialists;
  3. Supervision of each project by our director;
  4. Handling of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and cooling aspects of your equipment projects;
  5. Manufacturing and testing in our workshops with our complete and fully automated machinery;
  6. Supervision by our director of assembly operations, commissioning, configuration and testing on your site;
  7. Maintenance of your equipment by qualified technicians;
  8. Attractive pricesmade possible by a deliberately light structure.