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New press kit ''HybWeldCut''

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Les démonstrations commencent!

La technologie HYBWELDCUT sera présentée lors d'une première session de démonstrations organisée du 14 au 24 octobre et du 12 au 27 novembre chez Malex S.A.

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Welding the way you want

For joining coils, a machine made by Belgian company Malex switches flexibly between resistance welding and laser welding depending on the type of steel, and also uses the laser source for cutting.

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Un outil unique au monde et 100% made in Charleroi

Aujourd'hui, grâce à l'aide de la région wallonne, Malex dispose d'un démonstrateur technologique de soudeuse-découpeuse.

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Malex développe une machine à souder révolutionnaire...

Une technologie plus rapide, plus fiable, polyvalente, réductrice de stress pour les opérateurs.

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La soudeuse révolutionnaire de Malex

Malex innove à plusieurs égards. D'abord, elle recourt au laser à solide, plus compact, plus flexible, plus fiable et moin énergivore....

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Process: Flashbutt welding
Type of steel:Hot-rolled
Thicknesses:1,5 mm - 6 mm
Widths: 510 mm - 2000 mm
Applications: Pickling
Types of steel:All types of steels
Joint configurationconfigration

Advantages of this technique

High reliability in rapid continuous treatment processes on sheet metal up to 6 mm thick

Single pass welding

Line shear or built-in shear cutting

Cycle time:

Total cycle with clamping and planing for a 6 mm strip: 90 seconds maximum

Very strong weld

No weld reinforcement

Possible option: MALEX electric  trimmer

Advantage offered by MALEX:

We have developed a very fast electric  trimmer which greatly improves trimming quality. Its high speed enables optimum use of carbide tools, thus reducing the pressure of the inserts on the weld. Consequently, this technique prevents the forming of cracks and allows the operation to be carried out while the bead is still hot.


The Flashbutt  welding process is extremely rapid and produces a very strong welded joint forged over the whole width of the strip, which makes it ideal for welding of sheet metal which is subsequently cold-rolled.


When the flashbutt  welding process is used in tube rolling mills or in tube welding lines, the welding machine is generally smaller than the model illustrated above. This type of machine is also part of the Malex product range and is known as the BGF type flashbutt machine.


The various types of flashing machines can now meet the criteria of modern automated and computerised production lines. These machines are equipped with a strip detection and automatic alignment system and a height adjustment system and can be equipped with shearing of the strip ends in the welding space and automatic selection of the welding and machine parameters,  enabling them to operate in communication with the line, entirely automatically, without any operator intervention.


A combined flashing machine is a machine equipped with a  trimmer station. This trimmer removes the excess metal pushed back during the forging in a single pass and reduces the thickness of the weld joint to the strip thickness. A strip transfer system positions the welded joint successively in the  trimmer and at other workstations (punching, edge notching, post-weld annealing).


The data and parameters can be entered from the line’s central computer or by the operator from the control booth.


For example, the time required to carry out a complete butt welding cycle is 90 seconds for a strip 1900 mm wide and 6 mm thick, including clamping and planing.


Flashbutt welding machines can be supplied as independent equipment.