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Post of 06 Nov 2014
New press kit ''HybWeldCut''

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Post of 07 Oct 2014
Les démonstrations commencent!

La technologie HYBWELDCUT sera présentée lors d'une première session de démonstrations organisée du 14 au 24 octobre et du 12 au 27 novembre chez Malex S.A.

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Post of 02 Mar 2015
Welding the way you want

For joining coils, a machine made by Belgian company Malex switches flexibly between resistance welding and laser welding depending on the type of steel, and also uses the laser source for cutting.

Post of 21 Jun 2014
Un outil unique au monde et 100% made in Charleroi

Aujourd'hui, grâce à l'aide de la région wallonne, Malex dispose d'un démonstrateur technologique de soudeuse-découpeuse.

Post of 20 Jun 2014
Malex développe une machine à souder révolutionnaire...

Une technologie plus rapide, plus fiable, polyvalente, réductrice de stress pour les opérateurs.

Post of 23 Jun 2014
La soudeuse révolutionnaire de Malex

Malex innove à plusieurs égards. D'abord, elle recourt au laser à solide, plus compact, plus flexible, plus fiable et moin énergivore....

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Process: Laser Yag
Type of steel:Hot-rolled
Thicknesses: 1,5 mm - 6 mm
Widths: 510 mm - 2000 mm
Applications: Cutting
Continuous rolling
Types of steel:       Wide range of steel qualities and thicknesses
Joint configurationconfigration

Advantages of this technique

  • High-performance PLUG and PLAY compact machine for fast production lines handling steels of highly variable qualities and thicknesses
  • Yag Laser welding
  • Double Yag Laser cutting
  • Cycle time: Information on request
  • Considerable reduction in line shutdowns thanks to the PLUG & PLAY system and the use of interchangeable cutting and welding head devices
  • Optimum cutting and weld qualities on a wide range of steels
  • Greatly reduced operator interventions thanks to its fully automatic system
  • Option: Spare cutting and welding head device, integrated annealing



Novel compact machine with double cutting and laser welding. A single YAG type TRUMPF source is used. This machine is of the PLUG and PLAY type and is installed in a protective booth for safety. It can be fully automatic and its maintenance is simplified by the use of interchangeable devices  for welding and cutting. Installation and start-up can be completed in 10 days, the configuration and operator training being carried out in our workshops.

Want more information?  Call us on 071/33.40.90.  We will be pleased to present this technology to you on our demonstrator.

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